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The inhabitants of Vallio Terme empirically knew of  the existence of thermal spring water since ancient times. This water was called “Acqua delle Laf” or water for cleansing, because it was strongly diuretic and purifying.

Only in 1955, a tunnel was dug in the living rock, which enabled reaching the main vein of spring water.

Since then programs of medical and pharmacological research of the water began. The spring is enclosed in a protected area, subject to environmental protection.

This video tells the story of Vallio Terme, built at the behest of Commendator Albino Berardi and his son Miro Berardi, Cavaliere del Lavoro (Knight of Labour).


Before 1953, Castello Water flowed naturally from the rock but had not yet been collected from the “heart” of the mountain.

Commendator Albino Berardi understood the importance of intercepting the source inside the mountain, in order to have purer water.

The excavation of the tunnel that leads to the natural spring was commissioned to Mr Angelo Baccoli, a miner from Sabbio Chiese.

The tunnel was excavated by hand, with a pickaxe.


While continuing the excavation of the pipeline at the spring, the first bottling location was built in Sopranico.

Originally the building only occupied a portion of today’s “Vallio Thermal Centre”.

Part of the structure of the Thermal Centre was untouched. At that time the Sopranico road was still gravel.

On the side of the bottling structure, the first offices in construction can be seen


60’s’: Next to the first bottling structure, the Thermal Centre “roundabout” was created

The images show the evolution of the building from its construction in the early ’60s.

The Thermal Centre’s structure is devoid of windows, open on all sides and imagined as a large portico for passage and treatment.


The image reproduced in the first Castello water labels  was taken from the sculptor Casari’s bas-relief.

The bas-relief is entitled “FONTO SE SANECO” and it was created for the Fonti di Vallio on 22/05/1953

The figure of the “thirsty” was replaced in 1976 by the abstract wave pattern and stylised castle, still present in the graphic.